Eliminate the State Income Tax

Elimination of the State Income Tax

It is my belief that we should eliminate the income tax in Georgia and implement a consumption tax. As a State Representative, I have sponsored legislation every year since my election in 2013 to eliminate our state income tax and implement the FairTax at the state level.

Why the FairTax?

  • Eliminate State Income Tax 1Keep more of your paycheck – no withholding of state taxes
  • Savings and investments are not taxed which encourages savings for home, education and retirement
  • No taxes on the basic necessities of life
  • Fair for all, no loopholes
  • Increased competitiveness – Creates Jobs
  • Makes Georgia a haven for business – Creates Jobs
  • Underground criminal economies are taxed as they spend their money

Fiscal Responsibility

Government does not create wealth, government takes wealth away from it’s citizens and uses the wealth for it’s own well being. I believe that government has enough of our money already, and that they have been fiscally irresponsible with the money they have taken from us. We need to encourage Fiscal Responsibility at the local, state and federal levels. Remember, all spending starts at home. When the state puts pressure on our Federally elected officials to bring more money to the state, the Federal budget is increased. When that budget is increased, our taxes are increased. This also causes a rise in the national debt which has reached an amazing $16 Trillion now. We have to discourage spending at the state and local levels and stop asking for more money for projects from the federal government.