During my last three terms, Georgia has become the best state in the country in which to do business. I am proud of that achievement.


The Free Market is what made the United States great, and the free market is what can save our economy now; however, we are becoming increasingly over-regulated and the government is impeding our free market economy. We must remember that when two parties undertake exchange, it is by choice, not by force.


The free market system is what makes our goods as well as other’s goods available around the world. It is what allows people to decide whether they want to spend their money or save it and to what extent they do both. Entrepreneurs risk capital and allocate their resources to compete in the free market and we should make sure that government stays out of their way when they do so.


Great strides have been made in technology, healthcare, oil exploration and more because of free market principles. Government must encourage this by getting out of the way, not by impeding progress at every turn. As a State Representative, I will work to reduce regulation, reduce government interference and I will work to get government out of our way. Georgia is a great state, but can become the best business state in the country with the right approach.


I am thankful that the state was recently ranked #2 by Forbes Magazine for regulatory environment, let’s work together to make it #1.