David Stover Co-Sponsors HB 688 – Georgia Fair Taxation Act of 2014

David Stover, newly elected State House Representative for District 71 and Executive District Director for Georgia for FairTax, co-sponsors The Georgia Fair Taxation Act and, if approved by the General Assembly would move Georgia from an income tax to a consumption based “Fair” tax. This would add Georgia to at least 7 other states with no income tax including Florida, Texas and Tennessee. In addition states like South Carolina are considering their income tax with their own version of a fair taxation bill.

“Over the last few years, we have gained a lot of support for the FairTax,” states Rep. Stover. “Nearly 10% of the state reps have now signed onto this bill as co-sponsors. We have a better chance of passing this bill in the 2014 session than ever before.”

Stover continues, “Passing a FairTax bill in the state of Georgia would make us more competitive with neighboring states in the quest to attract new business development. It would boost our economy, create jobs and bring much needed business to the state.”

Georgia Tech economics professor, Christine Ries agrees, “The states with the lowest income tax rates grow the fastest, by far. The difference is astounding,” said Ries, who served on the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians that counted former Gov. Sonny Perdue among its members.

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