David Stover Co-Authors HB 707 – The Georgia Healthcare Freedom and ACA Non-Compliance Act

The Affordable Care act has proven itself to be everything except affordable. To date, approximately 400,000 citizens of the State of Georgia have lost their healthcare due to ACA. This number is second only to California, a state with almost 4 times the population of Georgia.

There have been 61,422 applications covering 122,543 people within the state of Georgia. Of those 122,000 applications, 87,367 have been determined to be eligible for coverage and 29,366 are eligible for assistance. 10,925 more applicants, if signed-up, will be eligible for Medicaid. Out of the 122,543 who applied for insurance, only 6,859 individuals have selected plans. How many of these individuals have completed their applications and purchased healthcare? We don’t know because HHS will not release the numbers. The ACA is a government expenditure that would have even John Maynard Keynes scratching his head. To tax someone for simply being alive is Anti-American, Anti-Constitution and Anti-Common Sense. True health care reform would allow market demand to drive coverage. 

ATLANTA — State Representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) and bill co-sponsors Rep. David Stover (R-Newnan), Rep. Scot Turner (R-Holly Springs), Rep. Kevin Cooke (R-Carrollton), and Rep. Michael Caldwell (R-Woodstock) released statements today regarding two bills that these legislators will introduce in the 2014 legislative session. These statements come on the heels of a press conference that was held at the State Capitol on Monday after these bills were presented to the public.

“As a board certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) with thirteen years of clinical experience, I can tell you that working in healthcare has been problematic with regards to affordability and access for some prior to the enactment of Obamacare,” said Rep. Spencer. “However, Obamacare addresses neither access nor affordability and only exacerbates pre-existing issues prior to the law’s passage, as well as creating new problems for Georgians.  This federal law was passed under false pretenses and as a result has caused serious economic harm to the state of Georgia. Because Obamacare was ill-conceived from the start, the majority of the public is now seeing how incompetent the federal government has become. The state of Georgia has been on record through legislative acts and through executive decisions not to move forward in implementing Obamacare.  However, we have some of our tax payer supported institutions implementing this law against the wishes of the people and their elected representatives.  Our initiative prohibits the state of Georgia from participating in the destruction of our own economy through economic cannibalism, and requests the Attorney General or a special counsel to work with other states to overturn the Obamacare Supreme Court decision.”

“The federal takeover of healthcare in the United States is the largest single infringement upon the 10th amendment and individual freedom in recent history,” said Rep. Michael Caldwell. “As elected officials we are bound by oath to uphold the Constitutions of Georgia and the United States, and the refusal to permit state resources to be utilized in the implementation of Obamacare is a necessary step to maintain our oaths.”

“It has been clearly established in case law that the Federal Government cannot compel states to enforce federal law,” said Rep. Scot Turner. “We are empowered by legal precedent to protect the citizens of Georgia from the greatest over reach of government authority and encroachment on individual liberty in our history.  With the ruling by the Supreme Court that Obamacare is a tax, we are left to ask the question, what exactly is being taxed?  There is no production, no consumption, no transaction; Obamacare taxes us for simply being alive. The people of Georgia have let it be known that they want leaders to stand and defend them from this unjust violation of their right to live a free life.  Today we send a clear message to Washington; Georgia will not participate in the willful violation of individual liberty that is Obamacare. Georgia will stand in defense of Liberty.”

“Our federal government has, for many years, errantly acted outside of its Constitutional bounds and authority,” said Rep. Kevin Cooke. “It is the State of Georgia’s job to protect the citizens of the state from such actions and guard against unjust and immoral acts perpetrated on them by the federal government.”

“The Affordable Care Act has proven itself to be anything but affordable,” said Rep. Stover. “To date, approximately 400,000 citizens of the State of Georgia have lost their healthcare coverage due to ACA. Georgia’s families cannot afford the mandates, nor can they afford to lose their coverage. As Representatives of the citizens of Georgia, it is our duty to protect Georgian’s from an overreaching government, whether State or Federal. With this bill, we can protect Georgian’s healthcare choices and allow them to keep their healthcare plan if they like their plan. Georgia’s noncompliance with the ACA means that we can move towards meaningful healthcare reform without the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.”

House Bill 707 would prohibit state employees, state agencies, public colleges and universities from enforcing and implementing the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This bill would also give the Attorney General of the State of Georgia the authority to act against an entity violating the bill’s prohibition on the state to implement the ACA.

A pending House Resolution to be filed on the first day of the 2014 legislative session would urge the Attorney General of Georgia to initiate or join a lawsuit to overturn the decision of the United States Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.

The group, Georgians for Healthcare Freedom, helped lead the petition to call for nullification of Obamacare in Georgia. Carolyn Cosby, Chairman of Georgians for Healthcare Freedom, stated, “We want to thank our Representatives for hearing the call of the people to protect us against this federal mandate that is hurting our families in Georgia.  The sheer volume of over 34,000 signers demands legislative action. This proposed simple legislation combined with the Georgia Resolution is a call to our U.S. Congress and our courts to overturn Obamacare in our nation.  This is what the people want.”

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